8 de junho de 2008

The J.B.'s Bring The Funk On Down

Este ai já merecia estar aqui só pela capa, que não é o caso, pois apesar de apreciarmos a embalagem, o importante mesmo é o conteúdo, mas quanto a isso nem precisem se preocupar afinal são os J.B.'S...

The JB's include: Richard "Kush" Griffiths (vocals, trumpet); Bobby Byrd (vocals, Hammond B-3 organ); Fred Thomas (vocals, bass); William "Bootsy" Collins, Ronald Laster, Wilbert Longmire, Bruno Speight, Reginald Ward (guitar); St. Claire Pinckney (flute, tenor saxophone); Maceo Parker (alto saxophone); Alfred "Pee Wee" Ellis, Chris Cuzme (tenor saxophone); Freddie Hendrix, Russell Crimes, Joe Collier (trumpet); Fred Wesley (trombone); Johnny Davis (electric piano); Lester Jordan (keyboards); Donald Seger,

Producers: Fred Wesley, William "Bootsy" Collins, Bob Booth.

Engineers: Bob Booth, William "Bootsy" Collins.


01. Do the Doo
02. On the Spot
03. Up on 45, Pt. 1
04. Carry On
05. Bring the Funk on Down
06. Dynaflo
07. Why Did You Have to Go?
08. What About the Music
09. There's a Price to Pay to Live in Paradise
10. Tag Alone
11. Born to Groove
12. Who Do You Think You're Fooling?
13. Soul Men
14. Mistakes and All [*]

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