20 de agosto de 2008

Natural Funk Killas - 12 Super Rare Original Funk Killers From The Early Seventies

Coletânea cabulosa de funk raros que traz a sensacional "Get Down", do Freedom Express e outras pepitas mais...

Baixe Aqui

  1. Get Down - Freedom Express
  2. Music Of El Topo - Shades of Joy
  3. Funky Fast Bump - Outlaw Gang
  4. Funky Soul Brother - Soul Drifters
  5. Double Booty Bump - Russell Gordon & Versatile Souls
  6. Weedhopper -Outlaw Gang
  7. No Words - Funka Fize
  8. Ghetto Funk - The Boris Gardiner Happening
  9. Tell Me - Ricky Calloway
  10. Who Will Be The Next Fool - Little Jimmy Tyson
  11. Sister Funk - Gloria Williams
  12. New Generation - Universouls


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Anônimo disse...

great blog with some killer music!
Paul Stark

Anônimo disse...

hello and thanks from france

FunkyMan disse...

Could you reupload this please???