4 de outubro de 2008

TM Juke & The Jack Baker Trio Present - Boto And The Second Liners (2008)

Mais um forte candidato, aos melhores discos do ano, "Boto And The Second Liners" da dupla TM Juke (Me & You) & The Jack Baker Trio, com participações de Alice Russell e Kathrin deBoer do Belleruche...

Aqui para baixar

01. Portion Of A Recording
02. That Gut Feeling feat. Andreya Triana
03. Echoes From The Surface
04. Spread It On feat. Alice Russell
05. Heads High(er)
06. The Train
07. Omak Besar (Big Waves)
08. Rolling Stone To Landslide feat. Kathrin deBoer
09. Fortune Favours The Bold
10. Party Favours feat. Gecko Turner
11. Swamp Ska's
12. Yeah The Crab!


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