20 de setembro de 2010

The Bahama Soul Club - Bossa Nova Just Smells Funk (2010)

Após o excelente "Rhythm Is What Makes Jazz Jazz", de 2008, os Bahama Soul Club que misturam jazz, funk, batidas africanas e influências latinas, lançam "Bossa Nova Just Smells Funky"‏, trazendo duas versões remixadas que já faziam parte do disco anterior, uma delas, Nassau Jam (homenagem ao Funky Nassau), ganhou ares novos com o remix do Smoove (da dupla Smoove & Turrell), participações de Pat Appleton e Sitzka garantem os belos vocais do álbum...

1. King's Wig
2. Afro Shigida (feat Kojato)
3. Bossa Bop (feat Pat Appleton)
4. Serious Soul (feat John Turrell)
5. Experience In Jazz (feat Bella Wagner)
6. Junkie (feat Sitzka)
7. Tangossa (feat Pat Appleton)
8. Bossa Corcovado (feat A Secret)
9. Open Wide (feat Xantone Blacq)
10. True (BSC Remix) (feat Bajka - BSC remix)
11. But Rich Rhythms (Club Des Belugas Remix)
12. Nassau Jam (Smoove's Funky Jam-Remix)

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Anônimo disse...
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The Bahama Soul Club disse...

Thanks much for this nice feature and for spreading the word to the world. we're really pleased about. BUT: it's NOT this kind of "promotion" offering links to illegal content which gives a good support to the artist. this is NOT what helps musicians to survive. we got numerous well disposed reviews and feedbacks from all parts of the world over the last months and great acceptance and honest interest in our music which really means much to us. if you really want to help us please encourage your readers to follow us on twitter, vistit us on facebook, or watch us live on youtube.

Do yourself a favour, support the artist and buy our releases. be blessed, THE BAHAMA SOUL CLUB.

Juliana Salty disse...
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Anônimo disse...

Ok, my intention is only to spread good music for those who can not buy it.